Why Fad Diets Don’t Work: How You Can Achieve Lasting Weight Loss in Salt Lake

A woman wearing a pair of oversized jeans to show her weight loss.

Have you ever seen a weight loss program that guaranteed fast, easy results with minimal effort? If you notice that a diet plan vilifies major, essential food groups or advertises a “magic pill” solution, chances are you’ve come across a fad diet. While fad diets are nothing new, a new one seems to pop up […]

Salt Lake City Functional Medicine Doctor Accepting Patients: Why Novis Health?

3D rendering of a keyboard with a blue button that says “find a doctor”

With the rise of chronic diseases across the United States, it’s about time that we find a new way to approach healthcare. Functional medicine not only treats chronic conditions but also focuses on the prevention of many common diseases. After years, sometimes even decades, of suffering from life-altering symptoms, many patients have found relief after […]

Are Your Household Chemicals Contributing to Your Thyroid Disease?

Woman feeling sick because of chemicals

Thyroid diseases are alarmingly common and often take years to be accurately diagnosed. This is because they are typically overlooked by conventional medicine doctors. With thyroid disease cases on the rise in recent years, many researchers have started to hone in on what is causing the high incidence rates. Studies have shown that environmental toxins […]

The Full Spectrum of Diabetes: There’s No Cookie-Cutter Approach

People with diabetes feeling healthy

Type 2 diabetes cases are on the rise, and research tells us that diabetes presents itself differently in each patient. These disparities in treatment response, disease progression, and risk factors have resulted in the discovery of several subtypes of diabetes. At Novis Health Salt Lake, we know that personalized treatment plans are the most successful […]