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Why Fad Diets Don’t Work: How You Can Achieve Lasting Weight Loss in Salt Lake

A woman wearing a pair of oversized jeans to show her weight loss.

Put Away the Magazines and Insta Diets: How You Can Achieve Lasting Weight Loss in Salt Lake

Have you ever seen a weight loss program that guaranteed fast, easy results with minimal effort? If you notice that a diet plan vilifies major, essential food groups or advertises a “magic pill” solution, chances are you’ve come across a fad diet. While fad diets are nothing new, a new one seems to pop up in Salt Lake every few years, and encourages extreme calorie restriction and one-size-fits-all diet and exercise regimens.


The truth is that obesity and weight problems are usually rooted in inflammation, which means they are legitimate medical conditions. In other words, the inflammation must first be resolved before lasting weight loss can be achieved. To avoid keeping yourself stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting, it is important to know how to identify a fad diet, and what you should do instead.


How to Identify a Fad Diet

Have you ever logged onto social media and noticed that everyone was talking about this cool, new diet? They often claim that they hold the secret to weight loss, and promise that it works for everyone no matter your age, size, health status, or gender. More often than not, they also claim that eliminating certain food groups from your diet will result in fast and long-lasting results, and show dramatic before and after photos to prove how effective their methods are. In many cases, fad diets encourage you to use their own line of shakes, supplements, or prepared meals to achieve your weight loss goals, which usually have little to no scientific evidence to back them up.


Here are some of the most common signs of a fad diet:

  • Extreme food and calorie restrictions
  • Making claims that food can alter the chemistry of your body
  • Strict and specific rules
  • A “magic pill” formula that insists that a shake or supplement is the key to weight loss


You’ll usually see fad diets being promoted by celebrities and social media influencers, who promise that the average Salt Lake resident can look just like them by participating in the diet and taking their supplements or shakes.


Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

Fad diets tend to spread like wildfire, and you’ve most likely heard a friend or coworker talking about how they’ve just started this great new diet. While some people do find that they are able to lose weight on a fad diet, the reality is that the results are typically short-lived. The long-term consequences, potential health risks, and side effects of a fad diet are never worth the short-term results. In most cases, once a person loses weight and begins eating a normal diet again, the weight comes back, sometimes even worse than before. If you are looking for a weight loss solution in Salt Lake, a fad diet is not the answer.


Since weight issues like obesity are actually medical conditions, they have root causes that should be addressed and resolved before you can achieve your weight loss goals. If you feel that you’ve tried everything to lose weight, but haven’t seen the results you’ve been hoping for, you are most likely dealing with an underlying health issue that is keeping you stuck. 


Fad diets usually advertise a one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss, misleading many people into believing that they can finally achieve their weight loss goals once and for all on this diet. No two bodies are alike, and your weight loss plan should be just as unique as you are! The truth is that everyone has their own unique food sensitivities, health conditions, and nutrient deficiencies that are at the root of their weight issues. Without addressing those factors first, you will be stuck yo-yo dieting for years with very few results.


In some cases, doctors will recommend a fad diet to patients who are suffering from a specific health condition, such as autoimmune disease, diabetes, or epilepsy. For these patients, the pros outweigh the cons, and they are under a doctor’s supervision to monitor their health and progress. For the majority of people, fad diets are not only ineffective and unsustainable, but they can be downright dangerous. Some common side effects include digestive issues, nutrient deficiencies, chronic nausea, and muscle weakness. 


In the end, fad diets are only a temporary solution for most people. Once you no longer follow the strict rules of a fad diet, the weight will usually come back, sometimes accompanied by new symptoms that come on as a long-term consequence of depriving your body of the nutrients it needs to thrive.


Sustainable Weight Loss In Salt Lake

For sustainable weight loss in Salt Lake, the best solution is to work with a qualified team of experts who can help you lose the weight, and keep it off for good, in a safe and healthy way. At Novis Health in Salt Lake, we focus on addressing the root causes of your weight issues first, and create personalized meal plans and exercise recommendations that are tailored to your needs. Some of the primary reasons you may be struggling to lose weight include:

  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Chronic stress
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Toxic burden overload
  • Sedentary lifestyle


At Novis Health, we use functional medicine to help you lose weight and finally achieve your health goals. We will ensure that you lose weight in a safe, supportive environment by implementing sustainable lifestyle changes to support you in your health journey. To learn more about how Novis Health in Salt Lake can help you finally lose the weight and keep it off, schedule a consultation today!