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The Full Spectrum of Diabetes: There’s No Cookie-Cutter Approach

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The Full Spectrum of Diabetes: There’s No Cookie-Cutter Approach

Type 2 diabetes cases are on the rise, and research tells us that diabetes presents itself differently in each patient. These disparities in treatment response, disease progression, and risk factors have resulted in the discovery of several subtypes of diabetes.

At Novis Health Salt Lake, we know that personalized treatment plans are the most successful and that your healthcare should be just as unique as you are!

This article will dive into the various subtypes of diabetes, as well as the most effective lifestyle changes that will lead to a better prognosis. You do not have to settle for diabetes management plans anymore. By using a functional medicine approach and personal health coaching, your diabetes can actually improve with time. To find out how you can enrich your life and take back control of your health, click here to schedule a free consultation with the Novis Health Salt Lake team.


The Five Subtypes of Diabetes

As of this writing, doctors have identified five subtypes of diabetes. These classifications are based on BMI, HbA1c, autoantibody testing, insulin secretion, and insulin resistance. The five current diabetes subtypes are:

  • SAID – severe autoimmune diabetes 
  • SIDD – severe insulin-deficient diabetes 
  • MOD – maturity-onset diabetes
  • MARD – mild age-related diabetes 
  • SIRD – severe insulin-resistant diabetes


Insulin resistance is the common denominator in all five subtypes of type 2 diabetes. However, once the condition progresses beyond insulin resistance, it becomes more complex as a patient crosses the threshold into full-blown diabetes. For instance, insulin resistance has a myriad of root causes that include chronic tissue inflammation, dyslipidemia, age, and hypothyroidism, among other factors.

Since there are so many root causes and components in type 2 diabetes, a customized treatment plan is essential for successfully improving the condition. There is no cookie-cutter approach that will work for all patients, and each patient’s individual risk factors, root causes, and underlying conditions must also be addressed.


How to Develop a Customized Type-2 Diabetes Treatment Plan

Luckily, there are several options available to successfully treat diabetes. Some of the most effective treatment options include weight management, insulin-sensitizing therapies, anti-diabetic medications, and anti-inflammatory therapy. With such a wide range of options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed! Don’t worry, our team at Novis Health Salt Lake will discuss the treatment options that best suit your needs in a way that is clear and easy to understand.


New research shows promising evolution in diabetes treatment, especially therapies that target insulin resistance and inflammation. Uncontrolled inflammation is another common denominator in many diabetic patients, so this new research is exciting and reassuring.


How Functional Medicine Addresses the Root Cause of Your Diabetes

While individualized treatments have become more common for cancer patients, that healthcare model has not yet made its way into type 2 diabetes treatment yet. Functional medicine is working to disrupt traditional treatment methods to make evidence- and patient-centered treatments for type 2 diabetes and its subtypes more accessible to all patients.

No matter the diagnosis, functional medicine uses a patient-centered approach to treating and managing chronic disease. The core focus is to return the body to a state of homeostasis by identifying and treating the root causes of the condition. Each subtype of diabetes has a root cause. By improving autoimmune responses, optimizing insulin production, and reducing the effects of aging, we increase the odds of improving the symptoms of not only your diabetes but all other diagnoses and even undiagnosed conditions.

In some cases, we will combine conventional methods with functional medicine strategies to help patients reverse their diabetes. 

The doctors at Novis Health Salt Lake are experts in functional medicine and clinical nutrition, meaning that they specialize in reversing type 2 diabetes. They consistently keep up with the latest research and literature to monitor advanced treatments and natural approaches that can drastically improve the health of those who are living with chronic conditions. This is how Novis Health is positioning itself as one of the leaders in functional medicine.

To finally see improvements in your type 2 diabetes symptoms, schedule your free consultation today!