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Four Things to Look For in a Health Coach in Salt Lake City

Athletic woman working out with the assistance of a personal trainer

Four Things to Look For in a Health Coach in Salt Lake City

If you’ve been working toward improving your health, chances are you’ve considered working with a health coach to help guide you along the way. Health coaches, like the ones at Novis Health, work directly with their clients to support them as they implement new lifestyle changes. 


Each client has a unique medical history, culture, values, and health goals, so a great health coach will adapt their approach and methods to suit each individual client. The best outcomes are created when a health coach takes each client’s bio-individuality into consideration when developing their nutrition and exercise plan. Not only does this improve the outcomes for the client, but it helps build a stronger client-coach relationship


Let’s look at the top four things to look for in a great health coach, and how to find one that is right for you in Salt Lake.



Since each client has a different schedule and lifestyle, a great health coach should be flexible and easily accessible. A trustworthy coach will return phone calls quickly and be available for sessions on short notice. Most clients don’t want to deal with long wait times to hear back from their health coach or have to wait months to schedule a session. It also helps when your health coach’s facilities are within a short driving distance from your home or office in Salt Lake City.


Communication is key when it comes to developing a great client-coach relationship, so your health coach should make communication a priority while you are working together. Let’s talk more about how much communication can make or break your success with a health coach.


Exceptional In-Session Communication Skills

During a session, you should have your health coach’s undivided attention. Personal attention is essential and shows that your health coach is listening to your concerns and taking your questions seriously. They should never seem uninterested, distracted, or as if they are listening just to respond. A great health coach will absorb everything you tell them, and form thoughtful answers to all of your questions. In fact, they should encourage you to ask questions throughout the session to ensure that you are both on the same page every step of the way.


Exceptional communication skills go a long way in achieving optimal results, and an effective health coach in Salt Lake City will encourage you to be an active participant both during and between your sessions. The better they understand you, the more effective the program will be. 


The most important part of the client-coach relationship is trust. You should have full trust in your health coach to guide you in the right direction and help lead you toward your goals. To gain your trust, a great health coach should be an active listener, eager to find solutions, straightforward, and friendly. 


In addition to exceptional communication skills, a great health coach will also have a warm and pleasant personality. 


Pleasant Personality

Most clients seek out health coaches with pleasant personalities, who are caring, personable, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure their clients feel comfortable and supported.


Your coach should be supportive, patient, and always have your best interest in mind. Since each client has unique needs and preferences, a health coach must be empathetic and responsive, and should always put your needs first. You should feel safe and understood under their care, and your health coach should be fully present and attentive during each session and every conversation in between.


Of course, personality is subjective. You might feel more motivated with a coach who enforces strict rules. Or you may appreciate working with someone who is more of a “nerd,” someone who likes explaining the science behind your health plan.


High-Quality Coaching Services

While the personal aspects of a health coach are important to your success, the quality of their services should always be at the forefront of your mind. Your health coach should personalize your program based on your goals, preferences, and lifestyle, and should be educated accordingly to help you achieve your aspirations. Their technical competence will make or break your success, and not all health coaches are created equally.


When choosing a health coach in Salt Lake City, pay attention to education, online reviews, and access to advanced healing technologies.


From online courses to community groups, there are a myriad of training options available today, so learning more about your coach’s training, education, and expertise will help you determine whether or not they are the right fit for you. 


A great health coach will have invested a great deal of time in their education, and will stay up-to-date on the latest research to ensure that their clients are getting the highest quality service. 


At Novis Health in Salt Lake, our dedicated health coaches use comprehensive consultations and lab tests to create personalized nutrition and fitness programs that are designed to keep you motivated and enthusiastic throughout your health journey. 


To schedule a consultation and take the first step toward your health goals, call Novis Health in Salt Lake today!