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Five Reasons Why Health Clinics Aren’t Just For Acute Illnesses

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Five Reasons Why Health Clinics Aren’t Just For Acute Illnesses

Have you been to a doctor for a wellness visit lately? Sadly, most adults only think to see a doctor when they are sick or injured and forget to prioritize preventative care. Going in for regular checkups will help you gain insight into your current health status, detect early signs of disease, and will provide custom counseling on how to best care for your body so you can stay healthy and feel great for many years to come.


Today we’ll discuss why health clinics aren’t just for acute illnesses, why you should make preventative care a priority, and how to find an adult health clinic in Salt Lake.


Prevention Is Key

If long-term health is your goal, prevention is key. Many people think that preventative care means getting an occasional physical done, however preventing health complications goes beyond a routine physical. Unfortunately, many adults don’t schedule appointments with their doctors unless they are sick, injured, or need a physical for work or school. By doing so, they miss countless opportunities to protect themselves against chronic illnesses or worsening symptoms in the future.


Taking the time to schedule well visits with a doctor even when you are healthy will give you a clear picture of your current health status, potential risk factors, and how your lifestyle may contribute to poor health in the future.


The best way to optimize your health is to work with a skilled physician who understands your health history, can track your progress, and help you achieve your health goals. Some of the most important topics that your doctor will discuss with you include:


  • Health screenings
  • Mental health
  • Weight management
  • General wellness appointments
  • Medications
  • Vaccines
  • Lifestyle interventions
  • Genetic risk factors


Catching and treating existing health issues early on will help you avoid potential complications down the road. Additionally, treating an illness in its early stages will save you time, money, and energy by avoiding costly treatments, frequent doctor visits, and symptoms that prevent you from living the life you want. You also increase your chances of reversing current health issues and preventing illnesses in the future.


Lifestyle Interventions

Many people underestimate the power their lifestyle has over their health. Comprehensive lifestyle interventions can minimize your symptoms, decrease your risk of developing future health issues, and generally improve your clinical outcome. Some examples of lifestyle interventions include diet, activity levels, sleep hygiene, stress management, and environmental factors.


Working on lifestyle interventions first is the fastest, most cost-effective way to transform your health. Working with an adult health clinic in Salt Lake will give you the resources you need to reach your goals safely and quickly.


Age-Appropriate Health Screening

With age, our susceptibility to age-related illnesses increases. Going in for regular age-appropriate health screenings will paint a clear picture of your current health status and your risk factors for developing future health issues. If you are between the age of 18 and 40, your priority should be checking your cholesterol regularly, having a doctor monitor moles or skin lesions, and getting routine cancer screenings that include pelvic, breast, and testicular exams.


As you approach middle age and reach ages 40 to 65, you’ll want to schedule appointments for prostate screenings, mammograms, blood sugar monitoring, colonoscopies, and a full-body skin exam. 


As you reach retirement age and beyond, you’ll want to have your bone density monitored, take age-appropriate vaccines including influenza and pneumonia, and have your height and weight monitored to keep an eye out for signs of osteoporosis.


When you make time for regular health screenings, your doctor will be able to help you effectively manage existing conditions, enhance your quality of life, and make suggestions for further testing to prevent future health issues. A doctor at an adult health clinic will recommend health screenings for you based on your age, genetic risk factors, and current health status.


Saving Money Long Term

It’s no secret that living with a chronic health issue can be expensive. Whether you have to visit the doctor frequently, pay for monthly prescriptions, visit the hospital, or purchase medical equipment, the bills add up fast. Preventative care at an adult health clinic in Salt Lake will save you money in the long run by detecting and treating warning signs early. Routine health screenings will help your doctor determine the best course of action for additional testing, treatment options, and other ways to manage existing health conditions. Many health screenings are covered by insurance, and most out-of-pocket costs are significantly cheaper than comprehensive, long-term medical treatment.


Enhanced Quality Of Life

We all want to live a long and happy life. Unfortunately, longevity means very little if you are living with poor health. Your golden years should be filled with energy, fun, and health. However, after decades of poor lifestyle choices, many adults find their retirement years to be painful, scary, frustrating, and expensive. Even if you feel well, visiting a health clinic regularly will prevent you from being bogged down by debilitating symptoms, unpleasant side effects, and even fatigue. Preventative care is the key to aging with your health intact. It goes a long way to enhance your quality of life and keep you energized and healthy so you can continue enjoying the activities that bring you joy.

It’s time to take control of your health and develop a preventative healthcare plan based in functional medicine. Our adult health clinic in Salt Lake is ready to take your call. Schedule your appointment today!