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The Importance of Functional Medicine


Functional medicine is a relatively new practice that many people in Salt Lake City are not conversant with. It is the best approach if you are suffering from a chronic illness and want to know the root cause of your health condition. The practice uses a patient-centered approach to manage chronic illnesses. When you look for functional medicine near me, you should understand what it is.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a practice that focuses on detecting and addressing the leading cause of an illness using a systems biology-based approach. Functional medicine doctors in Salt Lake City take a holistic approach that considers every individual unique and tries to understand who they are.

This way, they can develop a customized treatment plan for every individual’s needs. By understanding the root causes of complex chronic diseases, your doctor can use alternative medicine in a personalized and integrated approach to manage and prevent them.

Solving the Human Body Variables

The human body has many variables such as genetic makeup, lifestyle, environmental factors, and personality that significantly affect our health. Traditional medicine seems like a science experiment to solve problems caused by these variables.

When the variables are few, it is easier to find a solution, but complex health conditions are difficult to solve. Traditional practitioners often treat illnesses, not patients, which is where the distinction with functional medicine manifests.

Use of Alternative Medicine

Functional medicine doctors in Salt Lake City listen to you and gather information about your medical history. The ultimate goal of treatment using alternative medicine is to treat illness and promote healthy living.

A healthy life does not necessarily mean the absence of illness but rather having positive vitality full of joy, energy, balance, and gratitude. With your information, functional medicine doctors try to identify the cause of your chronic illness, including triggers such as stress, poor nutrition, genetics, allergens, and your microbiome.

Principles of Functional Medicine

The functional medicine approach looks at what function your entire body has lost and how to restore it. The principles that are used by functional medicine as a model to define the treatment you need include:

1. Treating you as a person and not an illness

Each individual is unique as we all have a genetic blueprint that defines our appearance and how our biology functions. Functional medicine treats each individual as different because everyone has their biochemical makeup. We all have a set of healing mechanisms defined by our biological structure. Approaching the issue as a person rather than an illness encourages self-healing, an essential aspect of tackling many chronic diseases.

2. Using evidence to make a diagnosis

Functional medicine uses evidence just like in conventional treatment procedures. The network of interactions that each individual goes through does not only affect their health but also how they respond to chronic illness.

Functional medicine practitioners in Salt Lake City look at these intricate relationships to get an in-depth insight into how the human body works and its effects on the individual. Ongoing medical research is increasingly highlighting the value of person-centered care.

3. Human bodies are self-healing

According to the Institute for Functional Medicine, the human body is very effective at regulating itself and, in many instances, healing itself. The balance created between various organs in the human body and how they interrelate with one another is crucial in providing an environment where self-healing can occur. There is sufficient indication that functional medicine can tackle significant health issues like type 2 diabetes through a change of lifestyle and diet.

4. Diseases commonly associated with aging are healable

Many chronic diseases such as high blood pressure are related to aging as they occur later in life. Some of these illnesses are associated with the natural process of growing older or conditions such as obesity. Studies at the Institute for Functional Medicine show that human bodies are innate to self-heal under the right conditions. It could even prevent these illnesses from occurring.

5. Good health is not just the absence of disease

Many of us believe that good health is when nothing is wrong with us, and we ignore some important indicators. Having no disease is not the only sign that we have good health. A settled mental state, good appetite, vitality, and optimum weight are good general well-being indicators. Functional medicine emphasizes them in its approach to healthcare.

Pillars of Functional Medicine Practitioners

Patient-centered care

When you go to a functional medicine near me doctor, they will listen to your medical history, learn your story and relate it to you in the context of your problems. The functional medicine doctor will take you through a discovery process, and together you will develop a management plan that will address your needs in a personalized manner.

Integrated, science-based methodology

Functional medicine uses a mixture of the latest medical research evidence and clinical expertise to provide a solution. The functional medicine near me doctor will look at the complex web of interactions that could cause your illness while taking an inside-out approach.

Any functional medicine near me that you go to will look upstream from your genes, physiology, history, and lifestyle to identify the imbalances emerging as symptoms, complaints, and disease. Amid all these criteria, there often are some overlooked aspects, such as the mind, body, spirit, or the physical and social environment. These internal and external factors are vital in appraising a person for optimal function.

Combined best practices from multiple medical disciplines

Functional medicine does not ignore conventional medicine. It integrates traditional medical practices with various other types of globally used healthcare approaches. You will undergo the latest diagnostic techniques and lab testing and get prescriptions for combined medications that include supplements and therapies.

Your functional medicine near me physician will advise you on preventing disease through physical exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle and recommend therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, rehabilitation plans, and stress management techniques.

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