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The Benefits of Health Coaching

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, health coaching has improved the quality of life for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and reduced hospital admissions. Some private organizations opt for health coaching for their employees to reduce their health costs. It is no secret that health coaching is changing lives; the modern world still presents many challenges.

What is Health Coaching?

Health coaching is when an expert in human behavior, motivation, and health coaches a patient on various issues they may be struggling with in their lives. These problems include reducing stress, improving diet, weight loss, managing chronic medical conditions, and adjusting to life-changing occurrences like being involved in a fatal accident.

The health coaching is somehow similar to the sports coaching. The sports coach takes the athlete through helpful guidance to excel in sports and live a healthy lifestyle.

Coaches help patients identify what may stop them from achieving their goals. Often, the most significant obstruction to achieving a goal is the thoughts that run through a patient’s mind after knowing what to expect. In this profession, the person receiving the coaching should be willing to create goals and strategize how to attain them.

However, through determination from the patient’s side and motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy from the coach’s side, the patient can come out victorious at the end of the day.

Sometimes, a person might be unable to afford health coaching services, or their health insurance may not cover them. In such situations, a health coach may offer group sessions.

Benefits of Health Coaching

Below are the benefits of health coaching.

Achieving Health Goals

With professional health coaching, you can achieve improved Cholesterol levels, Blood pressure, Triglycerides (blood fat), Glucose (blood sugar), Cardiovascular fitness, and Body weight. A good health coach will offer you nutrition counseling and tailor their services to your unique health issues.


You will be motivated by a supportive health and wellness coach despite feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. Often, we may feel that what we have done towards achieving a health goal is negligible.


With a health coach, you will always have a cheerleader that will keep cheering you on even if your feet can no longer move. When the day seems so bad and you cannot pick yourself up, your wellness coach helps you to keep moving.

A well-designed Health Wellness Plan That Works For You

A professional health coach will sit down with you and develop a strategy that suits you to take you from your current health state to the one you want to achieve. The plan will be based on your health goals and your commitment to achieving the goals.

Health Coaching Focuses On Improving All Aspects That Make You

Health coaching will focus on exercises and body movement, nutrition, physical environment, emotional health, relationships, personal growth, professional development, spirituality, and the connection between your body and mind.

Unjudgemental support

A life coach will rely on your plan to achieve your health goal. They will want to do it your way, without any judgment. Their main help is to cheer you on and to point out possible distractions that may hinder you from achieving your goals.

This support is crucial for a person with mental health problems like anxiety or depression or a person dealing with behavioral issues like addiction and obesity. Wellness coaches also understand that criticizing a person facing difficult issues can only worsen the situation.

Main Coaching Techniques Used In Health Coaching

Motivational interviewing and Positive psychology are two prominent techniques life coaches have opted for to ensure wellness coaching works for their patients.

  • Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is when a health coach helps a patient decide their health goals on their terms. Then, they apply the strategy by asking open-ended questions that will help patients explain why the change is essential to them. That way, the patient can work towards achieving their health goals because it is what they want and not what the doctor told them is good for them.

  • Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is when the health coach is not interested in what is wrong with the patient, but focuses on what has, can, and will work better for them. The health coach then drafts a plan for achieving the patient’s health goals and begins working towards them.

What To Look For In A Health Coach

Suppose health coaching near me is your current search on google, then you must have come across several health coach service providers. There are certain qualities that a health coach service provider should have to help you achieve your health goals.


Before trusting wellness coaches with your goals, ensure they are qualified and certified to handle such cases. Most importantly, they should be national board-certified health and wellness coaches.

Great communication skills

It would help if you had a health coach who can communicate and is an excellent listener. One who will not give you undivided attention when working out. A coach that will encourage you to ask questions and communicate where you feel like you need to. A health coach should also be able to pass information about the patient’s health and progress straightforwardly.

Good Reputation

Health coaches with incredible reputations can help you achieve your goals. Consider looking at the reputation of a health coach. They should have a reputation for helping people make lifestyle changes and teaching them how to safeguard their health. Your confidence in them will contribute to achieving your health goals.

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