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Working With a Health Coach For Anxiety in Salt Lake

Woman meeting with anxiety health coach.

Working With a Health Coach For Anxiety in Salt Lake

Most of us are stressed out and anxious thanks to the fast-paced nature of our world. Although it’s natural to have anxiety from time to time, it should not be something you deal with every single day. 


If you experience anxiety so often that it’s impacting your quality of life (i.e. your sleep, energy, appetite, relationships) you may consider finding professional help. 


About 40 million people in the United States of America deal with anxiety. Most people choose medication to manage their anxiety, but others use natural methods. Either way, it’s imperative to work with a therapist or health coach for anxiety. 


Here’s a breakdown of what anxiety is and how a health coach for anxiety can help.


Causes and Symptoms of Anxiety

For people with anxiety disorders, they experience intense and persistent panic, fear, and anxiety on a day to day basis. Sometimes people experience anxiety resulting from a specific trigger, such as a major life event. Other times these symptoms show up in everyday life: driving, working, shopping, etc.


A person who has severe anxiety or has a panic attack may experience tightened chest/throat, changes in appetite, difficulty sleeping, and racing thoughts. These symptoms detract from everyday life and make it hard for individuals to live their lives to the full. 


Major life changes, high-stress environments, and health issues may cause anxiety. Here are several of the most frequent experiences that trigger anxiety:


  • A new job
  • A move to a new home
  • Job stress
  • Family trauma
  • Death
  • Becoming a parent
  • Financial struggles
  • Chronic illness
  • Caring for a chronically ill loved one
  • College applications / planning
  • A toxic relationship
  • Marriage struggles or divorce


For some people, anxiety results from another root health condition: heart disease, gastrointestinal conditions, or respiratory disorders. Some people are also lacking specific hormones that regulate calmness, mood, and stress.


When you find the root cause of your anxiety, an anxiety health coach is able to determine the best next steps and recommend the best resources for addressing your symptoms. 


Improve Mental Health With a Health Coach for Anxiety 

Despite not being a medically licensed doctor or psychotherapist, an anxiety health coach provides essential support and guidance for a person with an anxiety disorder. Their methods are holistic and noninvasive, helping patients deal with anxiety symptoms and find the root cause behind their anxiety. 


You won’t always see results overnight; your anxiety didn’t likely develop overnight, either. Health coaches provide sustainable care and are kind, empathetic, and patient as you navigate the process of managing and healing from your anxiety. 


You can expect a session with an anxiety health coach to be full of support, guidance, and comfort as you process your anxious emotions and thoughts. Together, you’ll set goals and share lifestyle habits. That way your health coach can recommend resources and tools for managing your anxious symptoms. Whether you deal with acute anxiety or experience everyday stress, an anxiety coach is able to help. 


For someone with chronic anxiety, a health coach is ideal for long-term support. They’ll illuminate the root cause of your anxiety, explain the effects on your body, and recommend strategies for easing anxiety. The goal is to allow you to take back the reins on your mental health and get back to living a full life.


Mental Healthcare the Holistic Way

A healthy body supports a healthy mind. With an anxiety health coach, you’ll also receive a nutrition plan to boost your body and help you feel better. Unbalanced meals, improper hydration, little exercise, and caffeine and alcohol increase your likelihood of feeling anxious and stressed. A health coach will identify what’s lacking in your lifestyle and provide sustainable tweaks to help you feel better.

For example, eating carbohydrate-rich foods increases serotonin production, creating a calming effect. Also, drinking water or tea will minimize a rapid heart beat and lightheaded sensations, which are common anxiety symptoms. 


Your health coach may also suggest coping skills for managing and overcoming your anxiety. This may depend on your situation; common coping skills include breathwork, yoga, meditation, and grounding. While virtually everyone with anxiety will benefit from these techniques, an anxiety health coach may also provide other techniques and materials for helping you uncover and overcome the root of your anxiety. 


Work with a Salt Lake Health Coach for Anxiety

Though we all feel anxious from time to time, these feelings should never stop you from living a happy, fulfilling life. If anxiety has taken control of your life, start by finding a professional health coach for anxiety. 


At Novis Health in Salt Lake, our health coaches are wellness experts highly trained in helping their clients manage their stress and anxiety. To find out how a health coach can enhance your quality of life, schedule a consultation at Novis Health in Salt Lake today!