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Can I Use Functional Medicine Healthcare if I Already Have a Primary Care Doctor?

Doctor and patient discussing functional medicine healthcare

Can I Use Functional Medicine Healthcare if I Already Have a Primary Care Doctor?

We often get asked this question at Novis Health Salt Lake City. People want to know whether functional medicine healthcare is compatible with their primary doctor. Is it beneficial to use both forms of healthcare? Can functional medicine replace traditional care? 


In short, we recommend both. Come to Novis Health Salt Lake City for your functional healthcare while still visiting your primary care doctor once every few months. 


If someone tells you that a primary care doctor makes functional medicine healthcare unnecessary, we’d like to disagree. Functional medicine fills many holes in the current healthcare system and can provide incredible health benefits.


What is Functional Medicine Healthcare?

Functional medicine is an approach to healthcare that prioritizes treating the root cause of disease. At Novis Health in Salt Lake City, our health team specializes in chronic illness, hormone imbalances, and weight loss – issues that don’t have simple solutions. While some doctors might prescribe painkillers for chronic aches or insulin shots for diabetes, we want to work toward curing the underlying issues, not just managing the symptoms.


Functional healthcare also prioritizes a holistic view of the body. Specialists have their place in healthcare, but sometimes they miss the bigger picture. For example, a psychiatrist might recommend antidepressants to treat anxiety while underlying issues are related to a gut microbiome imbalance. By looking at how the entire body is connected, functional medicine practitioners are able to look at the complete health picture. 


Why Isn’t My Primary Care Doctor Enough?

While we can’t speak to every doctor-patient relationship, we know that many people are underwhelmed by the attention and care they receive from primary care physicians. Again, we are not saying you shouldn’t visit a primary care physician. But they simply cannot meet your healthcare needs the way functional healthcare can.


For example, most doctors are overworked. The average doctor has hundreds of patients to take care of. This means visits tend to be short and hard to come by. Chances are, you have to schedule your primary care visits weeks in advance. 


Because of this overloaded system, your doctor doesn’t really know you. They don’t take the time to understand your entire health history and monitor and coach you through various lifestyle changes.


Finally, most traditional doctors rely on one-size-fits-all treatments. In many cases, doctors will prescribe a prescription to manage symptoms. Because they’re so busy, they have to treat every patient the same way they would treat anyone else. There’s little to no individualization when it comes to treatment plans.


That’s why functional healthcare provides the following benefits:

  • One-on-one time with your health team
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Regular, available appointments


Novis Health Salt Lake City steps in where traditional medicine fails. Our team gives you much-needed time and makes personal coaching a priority. We want you to understand how your body works so that you can work toward lasting health goals. 


How Does Primary Care Complement Functional Medicine Healthcare?

Functional medicine can be complemented by primary care in many ways. First, most functional medicine practices don’t have access to advanced instruments or surgical devices. If it’s determined that you need an MRI or liver surgery, then you’ll need to visit a hospital. In addition, functional medicine doesn’t always cover acute injuries. Novis Health in Salt Lake City is not the place to go if you need stitches on your head.


Functional medicine healthcare is ideal for long-term preventative care and overall health improvement.


Do You Work With My Primary Care Doctor?

Yes, your primary care doctor is an excellent source of information and support. When you provide your primary care doctor’s contact information, we will get in touch to share treatment plan information and progress. We believe your doctor is a key partner in your health journey.


Does Novis Health in Salt Lake City Take Insurance?

Novis Health’s functional medicine team in Salt Lake City does not accept insurance. This is because direct payments simplify the process and allow us to focus our staff time on working with you. However, some insurance plans may include clinics like ours in their coverage, and we suggest you speak to your insurance provider. However, HSAs and HRAs can be used for functional medicine care. For specific questions, please call our office. 


Access Functional Medicine Healthcare in Salt Lake City

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