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Why Functional Medicine Testing is Key to Health

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Why Functional Medicine Testing is Key to Lasting Health


People have a few misconceptions about health that keep them from living full, vibrant lives. One of the most common misconceptions we notice has to do with symptom management. When new clients come to Novis Health in Salt Lake City for health coaching, they ask us to get rid of their symptoms. It seems logical, doesn’t it? If the discomfort goes away, you’re cured!


Unfortunately, symptom management is not the key to lasting health. Every symptom has a cause. If you have a headache, Tylenol might reduce the pain for an hour, but the original cause of the headache remains.


Functional medicine testing is an alternative to symptom management. At Novis Health in Salt Lake City, we believe in treating the root cause of your disease. From diabetes to weight loss, we believe the only way to achieve your goals is to understand the body and pinpoint what’s going wrong. And the only way to do that is through thorough functional medicine testing. 


If you’ve spent years trying and failing to improve your health, it’s time to learn more about the power of functional medicine testing in Salt Lake City.


What is Functional Medicine Testing?

Most of us have gone to the doctor to get routine lab work done. So, how is functional medicine testing different? When it comes to functional medicine testing, we focus on personalization and research. We don’t just scratch the surface. We dig deep to find out what’s going on in your body.


Too often, people are told that their test levels are “normal” while their symptoms are not. If you’re feeling sick, there’s something wrong with your body. The Novis Health team in Salt Lake City will figure out what’s causing the problem.


Conversations with Your Health Team

Each member at Novis Health in Salt Lake City will begin treatment with a conversation with their health team. In this conversation, we will get to know you and why you came to us for help. And in this day and age, having a long conversation with your health practitioner is rare. But the first step toward true healing begins with a complete understanding of who you are and where you’re coming from. 


In this initial conversation, we will likely discuss:


  • Your symptoms
  • Your health history
  • Environmental stressors and toxins
  • Family history
  • Past attempts at treatment
  • Previous diagnoses


The more information you share with the Novis Health team in Salt Lake City, the better we can help you.


Comprehensive Lab Work

Most doctors will order the minimum amount of lab work whenever they screen patients for disease. As a patient, you might not even know that these lab tests are lacking because you implicitly trust your doctor. But these tests can give false readings and lead to medical dead ends.


For example, the standard thyroid test will often come back as “normal” even when test subjects complain about fatigue and weak immune systems. In most cases, the doctor will say that the results are normal, so a thyroid issue is not at play. However, alternative tests can reveal what’s happening underneath the surface. Functional medicine testing will make sure your tests provide accurate results and interpretations.


Follow-Up and Adjustment

Functional medicine doesn’t rely on one-time solutions like pills and surgeries to achieve results. A daily prescription often masks the problem without finding a solution. 


That’s why functional medicine testing happens over a long period of time. Our bodies change as they heal. After six months of health coaching, you may need a different treatment plan. And so, a functional medicine approach to testing emphasizes retesting to keep you on the path to health.


Where to Find Functional Medicine Testing in Salt Lake City

Novis Health Salt Lake City is revolutionizing the way people achieve lasting health. It’s time that we move away from one-size-fits-all solutions. It’s time to do away with 15-minute doctor’s visits that fail to get to the root of our health issues. 


Novis Health Salt Lake City also believes in affordable healthcare. That’s why our practice is based on clear, transparent pricing. We even offer a payment plan so you can get treated now and pay later. 


Functional medicine testing means that we become your trusted health partner. We promise to work hard to uncover what’s causing your chronic pain, hormone imbalances, and gut issues. It’s why we’re quickly becoming a popular health destination in Salt Lake City.


Reach out to our team today for a free consultation and more information about functional medicine.