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Diabetes Treatment in Salt Lake City


Novis Health Salt Lake City uses functional medicine to treat complex chronic conditions. This includes Type 2 Diabetes. If you’ve struggled to manage your diabetes using conventional methods, there is hope! 


Our health coaches take the latest advances in health and wellness to create personalized diabetes treatment plans. Our goal is to help you overcome diabetes the natural way.


We can control your blood sugar levels using hormone therapies and proper nutrition and even promote natural insulin production. By working steadily with our expert team of doctors at Novis Health, you can finally achieve real progress in your fight against diabetes. 


Every day, we work with patients who have otherwise given up on finding relief from diabetes symptoms. Until they tried functional medicine. Now functional medicine has allowed them to live full, vibrant lives. 


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Treat Diabetes with Functional Medicine

Diabetes is a hormone issue at its core. Some forms of diabetes leave a person without enough insulin. For other people, the body cannot use the insulin it’s created. As diabetes patients know, this can lead to dangerous spikes in blood sugar levels and long-term damage to organs.


Most diabetes management advice comes down to lifestyle changes. You’ve likely been told to eat well, be active, and reduce stress. Simple, right? It’s simple in theory but difficult to put into practice. But a functional medicine health coach can keep you on track. 


At Novis Health, our coaches become your health partners. We’re not here just to diagnose and prescribe, leaving you to manage your condition yourself. Our role is to guide you along your journey toward optimal health. Our approach to functional medicine is becoming one of the nation’s most popular approaches to healthcare.


We create customized treatment plans for you and then encourage you during regular check-ins.


If you’ve felt adrift as you navigate diabetes, try our friendly, professional health coaching services in Salt Lake City

How to Diagnose Diabetes

Testing is a high priority at Novis Health and for functional medicine in general. We’re in the business of treating root causes. It’s not enough to artificially boost or lower blood sugar; we want to get to the heart of your hormone imbalance.


When you work with us, we will conduct the traditional tests for diabetes and a wide range of blood and hormone tests to ensure we don’t miss a thing. We send these samples to trusted labs in Salt Lake City so that you receive fast and accurate results.


Common diabetes diagnostic tests include the following:


  • A1C Test
  • Fasting Plasma Glucose Test
  • Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
  • Random Plasma Glucose Test

What to Expect from Our Functional Medicine Diabetes Treatment in Salt Lake City

The first thing you can expect from Novis Health is that we will listen to and get to know you. You can expect us to take your concerns seriously, conduct extensive tests, and then collaborate with you to find a treatment plan that works. We won’t rush you through appointments or make you schedule a month in advance.


You can also expect personalized care plans. Since every person is unique, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. It may take some time to optimize your diabetes treatment here in Salt Lake City. But this personalized medical attention is much better than the alternative – a rushed doctor who prescribes general solutions without thinking about your needs.


In addition to personalized care, you can also expect us to work on healthy lifestyle changes with you, such as the following:


    • Exercise: Let’s find an activity you enjoy and then chart your progress at regular check-ups. 
  • Diet and nutrition: We all know proper nutrition is key for diabetes treatment. We believe in educating patients on healthy eating habits and crafting meal plans that aren’t difficult to follow.

  • Hormone therapy: From relaxation techniques to supplements, we want to ensure your body is primed to create the right amount of hormones. Sticking to the hormone treatment plan will lead to ideal diabetes outcomes.


Have questions about Novis Health’s approach to diabetes treatment? Give us a call or ask questions during your complimentary consultation.

Come to Novis Health for Diabetes Treatment in Salt Lake City and the Surrounding Areas

If you come away with just one thing after reading this page, it should be that you can make progress in treating your diabetes. With the right lifestyle changes, we’ve even seen some cases of diabetes reverse. The patients who stuck with us the longest have seen the most improvement in their health. It’s time to get control of your diabetes symptoms. 


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Diabetes Treatment Is Just the Start

Do you struggle with more than just diabetes? Novis Health is the place to find care for all your chronic conditions and health concerns. We believe in holistic health solutions. The body works best when every part works in harmony with the others. So let’s make sure to discuss all of your health needs during your consultation.


Here are other services we offer at Novis Health Salt Lake City:


  • Thyroid treatment
  • Weight loss
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Athletic performance
  • Health and sports psychology


You’ll progress on all fronts when you work with a health team that truly knows you. Instead of having 10 specialists reading your test results, you’ll have one primary coach who can read between the lines and make personalized health recommendations for symptoms other doctors might chalk up to “mystery illnesses.” 


At Novis Health, there’s no health condition too complex. Get in touch with our team today.