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About Us

We're your trusted health team in Salt Lake City.

You’ve never experienced health coaching like ours. Using functional medicine and the latest science, we empower you to feel healthier than you’ve ever felt before. You’ll meet one-on-one with a health coach who creates a health plan that’s personalized to your unique goals and body chemistry. 

Our Approach Begins With You

You’re not a statistic. You’re not a list of symptoms. You’re a unique individual with specific health needs. Your healthcare should reflect that.


Introducing Novis Health Salt Lake City. We’re revolutionizing healthcare by placing you at the center of all we do. Our health coaches take the time to get to know you – you’ll never feel rushed through an appointment. And we use scientific testing to determine what your body needs to fight disease and achieve peak health.

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Complete Health Means Addressing Every Part of You!

At Novis Health Salt Lake, we embrace the functional medicine approach to healthcare. Part of that approach means taking a holistic view of health. 

When it comes to general wellness or tricky diseases, hyper-specialized doctors aren’t going to help. That’s because one disease can have many causes, and these causes may be rooted in nutrition, emotions, psychology, and lifestyle.

Targeted Nutrition

We’ve all heard about the main food groups, and most of us know how many calories experts recommend eating each day. But if you have a gut imbalance, your body won’t be able to absorb the “recommended” amount of vitamins. You need targeted nutrition to ensure your body receives everything it needs. Or if you’re an athlete, your nutritional needs will go well beyond average recommendations. Let us find the perfect diet for you!  

Advanced Health Technology

Put the power of science to use with Novis Health’s advanced health technologies. All of our therapies are safe and effective. They’re perfect for recovering from intense workouts and kickstarting the body’s natural healing processes. 

Advanced technologies are the perfect compliments to targeted nutrition, lifestyle changes, and overall health coaching.

One-on-One Coaching

There’s no better way to reach your health goals than by working with a professional one-on-one. Not only do you receive cutting-edge advice, you also feel emotionally supported throughout the entire process. 

From day one, you’ll work with a coach who knows you. At Novis Health, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all treatments. You deserve more!

Community Support

Beyond the support of your one-on-one health coach, Novis Health provides a fun and informative community groups. Jump into weekly group sessions, activities, and bi-monthly mindfulness classes. Experience the motivating power of connection!


FAQs About Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Yes, our treatments are often followed in conjunction with another doctor’s expertise. We can share clear updates and progress reports regarding your Novis Health journey.

Your treatment plan is built specifically for you, so what’s included depends upon your lab work, assessment, and personal goals. However, every plan will pair you with a functional medicine consultant and a personal health coach. The plan also includes regular check-ins and follow-up lab work to track your progress.

Treatment plans offered through an affordable monthly membership. Each component of your health is addressed in “sprints” and retested for progress or correction every 90 days.

Targeted nutrition means creating a diet and supplement regimen that works for your unique body. Our health team will evaluate your lab tests, health history, and wellness goals to determine the exact vitamins, minerals, and botanicals necessary to meet your needs. As time goes on, we will reevaluate your nutrition plan since your body is constantly changing.

Red light therapy exposes the body to low levels of red or near infrared light to spur skin and muscle tissue healing and regeneration. It may also help increase energy levels and improve cognitive function.

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy produces electromagnetic fields with various waveforms and frequencies to stimulate muscles and increase local blood circulation. People who try PEMP often experience accelerated healing, improved sleep quality, and reduced pain and blood pressure.

During and exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) treatment, the participant inhales concentrated oxygen while exercising. This dramatically increases the amount of oxygen in blood plasma and provides a host of benefits, including improved athletic performance and endurance, enhanced memory capacity, increased cardiovascular health, and slower aging.