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Advanced Healing Technology

We bring the full potential of 21st century technology to your personalized treatment plan to speed up recovery and optimize healing.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF)

If you’ve recently undergone surgery or simply need help recovering after a strenuous workout, PEMF may be the perfect therapy for you. This technology uses magnetic pulses to speed up recovery on the cellular level. By aligning your body’s frequencies, PEMF can even heal other illnesses and sicknesses.

During an early consultation, your personal health coach will determine where you might be experiencing misaligned frequencies or injury. Then they will guide you through the safe PEMF process with the goal of stimulating and strengthening your cells.

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Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

Your body needs to get the most out of each breath when you’re out in the hot Phoenix sun.

Up your training regimen with Exercise With Oxygen Therapy. EWOT allows you to absorb more oxygen than would be possible using just your mouth and lungs. This process floods your bloodstream with oxygen and allows your muscles to work more efficiently during exercise. It’s a proven method to improve strength and conditioning over time. 

The increased oxygen also allows your body to repair damaged tissues and reduce inflammation. This also allows for quicker recovery times after strenuous exercises. 

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Red Light Therapy (RLT)

Have you spent a bit too long in the Salt Lake City mountain sun? Have UV rays accelerated the aging process and created new wrinkles?

Red Light Therapy from Novis Health can reverse signs of growing older. 

Like PEMF, this technology uses low-level wavelengths to quicker cellular process. The red light of RLT will activate collagen production – the very chemical that adds vibrancy and elasticity to the face. 

Healing Red Light Therapy Session

Infrared Sauna with Halotherapy

Bring on the heat and release the toxins! Our infrared (IR) sauna combines halotherapy (salt therapy) and chromotherapy (color therapy) to provide a relaxing and healing experience with extensive health benefits. Using IR light improves respiratory health, promotes detoxification, helps with chronic pain, relieves muscle tension and stress, improves immune resilience, helps skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema, etc), and speeds up recovery. Instead of heating the air, our IR sauna heats the body directly using infrared wavelengths to deeply penetrate tissue and activate sweat glands to help your body release toxins. 

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More Services

Depending on your individual care needs, ask one of our health team members about our other services.

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Targeted Nutraceutical Supplementation

At Novis Health Salt Lake City, we’re all about personalized health plans. This applies to nutrition, too. You can be confident that you’re receiving exactly the vitamins you body needs, not a random sampling of pills or ineffective “daily multivitamins.”

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Halo Therpy

At Novis Health we offer Halotherapy, or salt therapy, which is a treatment that involves breathing salt-infused air. 

Salt therapy has been shown to improve respiratory conditions, like asthma, chronic bronchitis, and allergies. Salt therapy can also help to improve skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring

If you visit Novis Health in Denver, Colorado, for diabetes treatment, we may recommend continuous glucose monitoring. Using a device attached to the arm or belly, you and your health coach will be able to monitor your blood sugar levels throughout the day. 

These glucose monitors are much more convenient than finger pricks!

Personalized Wellness is Within Your Reach

When you visit other doctors, you’ll likely receive a treatment plan that’s been prescribed to dozens of other patients. But Novis health is different. When you become a member, we start from square one. We get to know you before making health recommendations. 

That’s why we’re one of the fastest growing clinics in the country!

Positive Psychology

Functional Medicine

Get to the root cause of your health issues. Whether you’re dealing with a chronic disease or you’ve plateaued in your wellness goals, we can pinpoint what it is your body needs to thrive.
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One-on-One Health Coaching

As your dedicated guide, your certified health coach keeps you fully engaged and accountable on your wellness journey.
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 Advanced Technology

Accelerate your wellness journey with cutting-edge technology designed to promote healing from the inside out.