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Athletic Performance

Become a better athlete inside and out. Experience holistic wellness and sports psychology.

Athletes in Salt Lake City, Novis Health is here to get you to the next level. Whether you’re an avid skier or hope to reach the pro of semi pro leagues, we can boost your athletic potential. See how!

Give Your Body the Food it Needs to Compete 

No matter your sport, your diet will impact how well you’re able to compete. You may need to build upper body strength. Or you may need to power your legs to run that extra mile. Our health coaches will be able to pinpoint your exact nutritional needs and create a meal plan catered to you.

Not only that, a Novis Health performance coach in Salt Lake City will recommend specialized supplements. No, not the vitamins you find at the store – these are nutraceutical-grade additions to your diet that provide a powerful level of nutrients and proteins.

Our plans are designed to increase muscle mass, improve endurance, and reduce fatigue—all while making sure you stay within healthy nutritional guidelines.

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Recover Faster with Cutting-edge Fitness Technology

Novis Health Salt Lake City understands that the body must be pushed to its limits in order to grow stronger and faster. Athletic technology allows us to do just that. 

We stay ahead of the latest trends to bring you devices and therapies that work. For example, we recommend is Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Therapy (PEMF). After a long workout or a surgery, PEMF stimulates healing using electromagnetic fields to influence cellular activity within the body. Not only can this technology shorten recovery times, but it can also strengthen tissues. Safely!

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Mental Performance Coaching

Everyone feels nervous before a big game or competition. But the best athletes are able to push through anxiety and nerves to unleash their full potential. Come to Novis Health Salt Lake City and work with one of our mental performance coaches.

Understand what mental blocks are hindering your game-time abilities and unlock your deepest drives to train harder and longer.

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