Let’s Tackle Your New Year’s Health Resolutions!

Woman stretching new year resolutions

It’s that time of year again. Time to open up a new calendar and start fresh. Last year you accomplished a lot, but 2023 is a chance to do even more.  Health is a popular category for New Year’s resolutions. At Novis Health Salt Lake City, we love working with new clients hoping to meet […]

How to Treat Type 2 Diabetes the Natural Way

Diet for treating Type 2 Diabetes the natural way

At Novis Health Salt Lake City, we use functional medicine to treat several “complex” conditions – Type 2 Diabetes being one of them. We always aim to recommend natural treatments when possible. These treatments often include organic foods, natural supplements, and lifestyle changes you can make at home. If you’re struggling with Type 2 Diabetes, […]

Is it possible to overdo probiotics?

Woman holding stomach, ate too many probiotics.

You’ve likely seen TV or internet ads promoting probiotics as a scientific way to improve gut health. And at Novis Health Salt Lake, we agree. Probiotics are part of any gut health rejuvenation treatment, and we recommend taking them in most cases. But is it possible to overdo probiotics? Are they like most nutritional supplements […]

How to Improve High-Altitude Athletic Performance

Woman running in Salt Lake City mountains.

Salt Lake City is an active and athletic city. Those who live here support local teams like the Utah Jazz and Real Salt Lake. They also enjoy getting out into nature all year round: taking advantage of nearby ski resorts in winter and hiking in the milder seasons.  But maybe the high altitude and lack […]

Functional Medicine in Salt Lake – Get Started

Woman tries functional medicine in Salt Lake City

Functional medicine is a patient-centered healthcare approach used to find the root cause of a patient’s illness or symptoms.  A functional medicine provider in Salt Lake City spends ample time with each patient, listening to their story, gathering information, learning about their health history, discussing their lifestyle habits, and finding potential triggers that could have […]

Why Functional Medicine Testing is Key to Health

functional medicine testing and microscope

People have a few misconceptions about health that keep them from living full, vibrant lives. One of the most common misconceptions we notice has to do with symptom management. When new clients come to Novis Health in Salt Lake City for health coaching, they ask us to get rid of their symptoms. It seems logical, […]

Can I Use Functional Medicine Healthcare if I Already Have a Primary Care Doctor?

Doctor and patient discussing functional medicine healthcare

We often get asked this question at Novis Health Salt Lake City. People want to know whether functional medicine healthcare is compatible with their primary doctor. Is it beneficial to use both forms of healthcare? Can functional medicine replace traditional care?  In short, we recommend both. Come to Novis Health Salt Lake City for your […]

How A Salt Lake Health Coach Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Flatlay with yoga mat, running shoes, and healthy food.

Significant lifestyle changes can be a scary and overwhelming experience. Without support or professional guidance, it can be tough to modify your diet, exercise habits, or sleep pattern simultaneously. Many people work with a health coach to keep them on track and motivated as they improve their health—avoiding the usual stress and overwhelm. A health […]

Why Am I Not Losing Weight? (The Truth About a Calorie Deficit)

Person counting calories for weight loss.

Has this scenario happened in your life? You want to lose weight and start by researching on the internet. This results in you restricting food intake and moving more to obtain a calorie deficit. You’ll see progress at first, but eventually, you’ll hit a plateau. This likely leads to you feeling like you need to […]

Working With a Health Coach For Anxiety in Salt Lake

Woman meeting with anxiety health coach.

Most of us are stressed out and anxious thanks to the fast-paced nature of our world. Although it’s natural to have anxiety from time to time, it should not be something you deal with every single day.  If you experience anxiety so often that it’s impacting your quality of life (i.e. your sleep, energy, appetite, […]