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Chronic Conditions

Life shouldn't be spent "managing" symptoms. Find true healing through functional medicine and health coaching.

At Novis Health Salt Lake City, we believe that most if not all diseases have root causes. The body is a finely tuned system that communicates when something isn’t right. That communication often feels like pain, but it’s our job to figure out what dysfunction is causing that pain. Get ready for an incredible healing journey!


Do you want to slow the progression of your type 2 diabetes? What if we told you it’s even possible to reverse type 2 diabetes? 

The health team at Novis Health Salt Lake City understands that diabetes makes life difficult – from diet to exercise to expensive medications. However, through specialized testing and lifestyle changes, you can find freedom from diabetes and related chronic diseases. Let’s get started!

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If you feel tired all the time, can’t seem to lose weight, and notice you’re more sensitive to cold, then you may have hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism occurs when the body can’t produce enough thyroid hormone – a key factor in your body’s metabolism.

In many cases, our tests are more comprehensive than tests you’ll receive at a standard hospital. This reduces our rate of mis- or non-diagnosis (a common occurrence with thyroid issues). Novis Health is where you can get answers to your unexplained symptoms. They might be related to chronic hypothyroidism!

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Autoimmune Disorders

With autoimmune disorders, the body attacks itself thinking that healthy cells are foreign entities. Chronic autoimmune diseases can be debilitating in many ways.

Traditional medicine often throws steroids and pain killers at the problem. But these treatments simply mask the symptoms instead of treating the root cause. Contact Novis Health Salt Lake City today to finally find answers to your long-term pain and autoimmune conditions. 

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Andrea reversed her Hypothyroidism in 6 weeks. This could be your story, too.

By using all-natural and common sense methods, Novis Health has helped hundreds of people just like Andrea diagnose, treat, and solve their chronic health problems

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