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Functional Medicine

Life shouldn't be spent "managing" symptoms. Find true healing through functional medicine and health coaching.

At Novis Health Salt Lake City, we believe that most if not all diseases have root causes. The body is a finely tuned system that communicates when something isn’t right. That communication often feels like pain, but it’s our job to figure out what dysfunction is causing that pain. Get ready for an incredible healing journey!

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Most people don’t know what’s wrong with their bodies – even while taking medication to manage symptoms. Most of us also trust doctors, but sometimes even your doctor doesn’t know exactly what’s going on with your body.

If this doesn’t sound right to you, if this describes you right now, then take 30 seconds to sign up for a complimentary consultation at Novis Health.

At Novis Health, we address the root cause of your health concerns to achieve true healing. This is called functional medicine. Instead of managing symptoms, we work with you to tread the underlying root cause. 

And it works! It works well.

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Revealing The Truth

For example, a lot of clients we work with used to take antacids after a meal thinking their stomach issues were caused by stomach acid. They felt bloated and sluggish, but was stomach acid the root cause of their symptoms? No! There were other issues with their gut, which caused a host of problems. 

Can you see how proper testing and treatment can do a long way, not only in reducing symptoms but also in finding true healing?

If your current health options aren’t working for you, then it’s time to try an alternative. It’s time to try functional medicine.

Our team of experienced practitioners takes the time to understand each patient’s unique needs and develop personalized treatment plans that address not just symptoms, but the underlying imbalances that lead to chronic illness.

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