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Health Coaching

At Novis Health, we partner with you to achieve your health goals.

You can have the best health plan in the world, but without a health coach, your chances of success are low. Accountability and encouragement have been shown to drastically improve wellness results. Novis Health pairs encouragement with excellent medical expertise for a truly remarkable coaching experience.

What to Expect from Health Coaching in Salt Lake City

Every member at Novis Health receives a personalized treatment plan. This isn’t a group spin class at the local gym. Rather, our coaching programs are highly effective regimens that help you achieve your health goals. 

Jump into targeted nutrition, lifestyle upgrades, and functional medicine and see just where health coaching can get you in a month, a year, and for the rest of your life.

You Don't Have to Do This Alone

To feel your best, you need to have an expert understanding of your body. A health coach at Novis Health Salt Lake City can provide those insights and help you make the best choices for your situation.

Perhaps you’ve tried dieting before. Do you try keto, Atkins, low-fat? As you know, some people see great results while others see little to no progress. Now apply this to other areas of health. Without a health coach, you’ll be guessing at what health plans will be most effective. 

Personalized and Convenient

Through personal relationships and advanced behavioral techniques, our health coaches help members achieve lasting results. If you’ve ever tried a fad diet, you know how unmotivating sheer willpower can be. We never frame any lifestyle change as “homework” or “chores.” We’re here to inspire you to embrace a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

Professionally Trained Experts

Novis Health, Denver, only brings on the most highly trained coaches. Our coaches spend years in school and in the field before coming to our practice. Every single coaching plan is backed by hundreds of hours of training that have prepared our coaches to uncover the root cause of your conditions. 



How Health Coaching helped Jody to overcome his type II diabetes in 5 months

Personalized Wellness is Within Your Reach

When you visit other doctors, you’ll likely receive a treatment plan that’s been prescribed to dozens of other patients. But Novis health is different. When you become a member, we start from square one. We get to know you before making health recommendations. 

That’s why we’re one of the fastest growing clinics in the country!

Functional Medicine

Find true healing by promoting health in all areas of your life. Embrace holistic wellness that gets to the root cause of your sickness.

One-on-One Health Coaching

As your dedicated guide, your certified health coach keeps you fully engaged and accountable on your wellness journey.

 High Tech Treatments

Accelerate your wellness journey with cutting-edge technology designed to promote healing from the inside out.