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How We Help

Novis Health makes healthcare about you. Come see how powerful personalized functional medicine can be.

At Novis Health Salt Lake City, we provide one-on-one care that meets the unique needs of your body. Your health coach will take the time to get to know you and walk with you every step of your health journey.

Chronic Conditions

Novis Health excels in treating chronic diseases that conventional medicine simply can’t figure out. From complex thyroid issues to gut imbalances, we possess the expertise to get you back to feeling your best.

We aim to treat the root cause of your diseases and relieve your symptoms for good. It’s time to say goodbye to chronic disease.

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Lifestyle Improvement

When it comes to your health, feeling good isn’t always rooted in one single issue. Sometimes, we achieve optimal health by making a number of small lifestyle changes over the course of a year.

Diet, exercise, and targeted nutrition are all part of our lifestyle improvement plans. And remember, your health plan will be completely unique. Tell us your goals, tell us where you feel pain, and we will personalize your health journey.

Athletic Performance

We help Salt Lake City athletes become champions through coaching that’s rooted in science and nutrition

The health team at Novis Health believes in holistic athleticism. This means we take the mind and body into account. You can expect to receive world-class education, psychology, and healthcare when you work with us. 

Visit Novis Health to achieve the next level of athletic success. 

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Corporate coaching

Corporate Health

Save money, retain talent, and support your teams through corporate health events. 

Partner with Novis Health to help employees live and work with health goals in mind. Our workshops can be implemented in the workplace, and we also offer individualized health coaching, employee health tracking, and office training sessions.