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Lifestyle and Wellness

Feeling your best begins with a healthy baseline of habits and choices. Discover a level of health you never thought possible!

Embrace al that Salt Lake City has to offer with personal lifestyle and wellness coaching. At Novis Health, we work hard to develop plans that fit your unique health goals. We’re not going to give you a cookie-cutter program and say, “Good luck!” Instead, we stick with you until you achieve the results you want.

Identify risk factors

To achieve optimal wellness, we need to avoid genetic and lifestyle pitfalls. Everyone is predisposed to some disease or other. With Novis Health, we help you identify risk factors and address them.

For example, your family may have a long history of high blood pressure. We can help you lower your blood pressure today so that you remain healthy 10 years down the road.  

Your health coach at Novis Health Salt Lake City will likely recommend changes to your diet, exercise, and sleep (among other factors). By following this plan, you can add years to your life and save money by preventing costly medical procedures in the future.

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Uncover Gaps In Nutrition

There are two main ways people fail to get the nutrition they need. First, they may not eat a complete diet. They may receive enough protein and vitamin D but lack B12 and antioxidants. Second, the digestive system might be damaged, unable to absorb the food eaten during meals.

The health coaches at Novis Health Salt Lake City pay close attention to your body to uncover where you may be lacking in nutrition. The end result is a comprehensive nutrition plan personalized to your unique needs. 

Feeling tired? Lack energy during the day? Nutrition might be the cause. 

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Make Lasting Lifestyle Changes

Through accountability and world-class expertise, you can live a long and healthy life. Sometimes forming those habits only requires encouragement and a straightforward plan.

Novis Health is the go-to clinic for people who want personal relationships with their health teams. We truly get to know you and your health situation because we know there’s nothing as unmotivating as a stranger handing out free advice.

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