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Let's begin your path toward healing using one of our three specialized services.

No matter what your health situation looks like, you can expect personalized, science-centered care from Novis Health Salt Lake City. Our three, core services provide treatment for a wide spectrum of health issues, from aching joints to gut health.

Functional Medicine

Few doctors these days promise to work with you to uncover the root cause of a disease. Rather, you’ve probably encountered doctors who meet with you for 10 minutes and prescribe a one-size-fits-all medication to fix the problem. That kind of care doesn’t work!

Instead, you need functional medicine. Functional medicine is member-centered and requires your health team to listen to your concerns and conduct extensive testing to determine what’s truly going wrong with your body. 

With functional medicine, you can trust that you’ll receive holistic, member-centered care.

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Health Coaching

Too many people approach healthcare with a “quick fix” mindset. Here’s a magic pill that will improve your health. Have this surgery to eliminate pain. 

However, health doesn’t always work this way. Instead, the body needs longterm, healthy habits in order to feel its best. The most effective way to achieve lasting health results is to work with a health coach.

Novis Health Salt Lake City connects you with a personal health coach who will guide you toward your wellness goals!

Advanced Health Technology

Achieve optimal wellness using the most modern healing technologies. We offer red light therapy, halo therapy, far infrared saunas, and more to our members. Each technology improves healing in the body and restores cellular energy. We’d love to tell you more about advanced healing technology.

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