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Thyroid Issues

Life shouldn't be spent "managing" symptoms. Find true healing through functional medicine and health coaching.

At Novis Health Salt Lake City, we believe that most if not all diseases have root causes. The body is a finely tuned system that communicates when something isn’t right. That communication often feels like pain, but it’s our job to figure out what dysfunction is causing that pain. Get ready for an incredible healing journey!

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You’d give anything to regain your energy and focus at work and at home. You’re confused why you’ve gained weight even though your diet hasn’t changed.  

But you’ve tried everything from caffeine to meditation. Your primary care doctor even said your labs are normal. So what’s going on?

Our team specializes in treating “mystery illnesses.” At least, that’s what they’re called by other clinics. But we know that with a full panel of labs and personal attention from a health coach, we can unearth what’s causing your symptoms.

If you were to visit us for a free thyroid consultation and tell us about low energy, brain fog, and weight fluctuations, we’d have a good idea where to start. 

No, your symptoms aren’t just part of getting older.

No, you don’t need to go on expensive prescription drugs.

No, your lab tests aren’t “normal,” not if you’re feeling bad day in and day out.

You’re likely suffering from a thyroid disorder.

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The Novis Health Difference

You might be wondering how Novis Health is different from other practices you’ve visited before. 

Well, we come up with personalized treatment plans designed just for you. We learn about how your body functions so that we can optimize it for peak performance. And, of course, all of our treatments are natural. No harmful prescriptions or invasive surgeries.

Our one-of-a-kind treatment plans cover nutrition, stress management, lifestyle changes, and hormone therapy so that you can get back to feeling your best. 

Why choose Novis Health for thyroid treatment? The defining features of our thyroid treatments are that they’re   

  • Personalized
  • Holistic
  • Effective

Start living life on your terms. Start thyroid therapy with Novis Health today.

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Andrea reversed her Hypothyroidism in 6 weeks. This could be your story, too.

By using all-natural and common sense methods, Novis Health has helped hundreds of people just like Andrea diagnose, treat, and solve their chronic health problems

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